Our Characters

Tea Ladies

Mable & Able


Fun, Flirty and Vivacious. Famous for cake making! They don't just spread the icing, they spread the gossip.



Tia & Maria

The uninvited guests at any function. Loud & Orange.

A raucous addition to your event.


"Go on you know you want them."

The Bouncers

Si & Dave – The best doormen in town. Health and safety is their motto.


"Are you on the list? No?

Then you can't come in."


The Cowboys

Randy & Dusty


The most unique cowboys you will meet.

They will challenge anyone to a 64oz steak "Raw". They hail all the way from Texas via Truro.


The Witches

Glady's & Gertude


They will entice, mystify and even scare (occasionally). Their singing voices will hypnotise the bravest
of souls.



The Volunteers

Miss Hopkirk & Miss Cleaver


Helpful, Understanding, Caring and Giving – all the things they are 'Not'!


"Book them at your peril."



Elga & Agnes


Princesses with a difference

1) Older but not wiser

2) Nice not really


Enchanting with a difference.


The Jilted Brides

7 times jilted. Crying and wailing and searching for husband no 8!


Mrs Christmas

A jolly festive treat for your
Christmas Party.



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